How To Check The Radiant Sensor In Your Gas Dryer




The radiant heat sensor is mounted on the side of the burner funnel assembly. A cut-out in the funnel allows radiant heat from the ignitor and the gas flame to reach the sensor as shown below.


The ignitor will normally reach a temperature of 2200°F in about 15 to 30 seconds after line voltage is applied. The radiant sensor opens the circuit to the ignitor when this temperature is reached. The gas valve is energized simultaneously, and when gas contacts the hot ignitor, ignition takes place.


Obtain an ohmmeter. We will be doing RESISTANCE checks. This is the safest way because the dryer is unplugged from the power source and avoids the possibility of you receiving an electrical shock.

Step 1 Remove one wire at a time, carefully label- ing each wire according to the terminal marking on the sensor. This procedure should assure that the right wire is reconnected to the right terminal after checking or replacement.

Step 2 Set the ohmmeter scale to the lowest ohms setting and ZERO the meter.

Step 3 Touch and hold one ohmmeter probe to one of the terminals on the sensor.

Step 4 Touch the other ohmmeter probe to the other terminal on the sensor.

Step 5 The ohmmeter should show ZERO resis- tance (continuity). If not, the sensor is bad and needs replacing.

Step 6 If this check showed ZERO resistance, then reconnect the wires to the proper terminals on the sensor.

Step 7 Remove the toe panel.

Step 8 Set the timer control and start the dryer.

Step 9 Watch the ignitor for a couple of minutes. If this stays red hot and the gas does not come out and ignite, the sensor is bad and needs replacing.



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