Dryer Motor Centrifugal Switch

Dryer Motor Centrifugal Switch

Dryer Motor Centrifugal Switch

The centrifugal switch is operated by the motor revolutions.

When the motor reaches approximately 1100 rpm, the switch is activated.

This action breaks the circuit to the motor start winding and, at the same time, completes a circuit to the heat source.

The design of the switch will vary due to the different motor designs.

This is apparent when you look at the various switch configurations shown in the image.

As you look at the switches, you can also see that you should use extreme care to order the correct switch, and to install it so that the switch arm is not damaged.

Follow the installation instructions carefully when reinstalling the wiring on the switch terminals, because the terminal locations may be different than the original.

Did you replace the centrifugal switch on your dryer motor?

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