Whirlpool Washer Shipping Pin


Washer Shipping Pin

You were working on your washer or moved it and found a funny looking part on the floor?

It looks like a nail and is brass in color. It is 2 inches long and has one flat edge on the side of it. There is also a hole through it near the point.

This is a shipping pin and here is what Whirlpool has to say about them.

To prevent the two (2) shipping pins from falling on the floor, two (2) plastic holders are attached to the base. When the cotter pins are removed, the shipping pins fall into these holders. These pins may be left in the holder cups. They will not interfere with the operation of the washer.

Sometimes when the washer is moved around these pins will fall out of the plastic cups and onto the floor.

Did you find one of the shipping pins on the floor when you moved your washer?

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