ACS7270AB Amana Range: No Heat in Regular Bake Mode


77001242 Oven Clock/Control

This Amana ACS7270AB Range seem to work in convection bake, but not in the regular bake mode.

When this oven is run in the convection bake mode it uses a third heating element that is located at the back of the oven.

The complaint on this oven was that it did not heat when using the regular bake mode.

The first thing I did was to unplug the oven and remove the bake element so I could ohm it out with my meter.

The bake element was good so this lead me to believe that the problem was in the oven clock/control, part# 77001242.

After doing a couple more checks with my voltage meter I determined that the problem was in fact with the oven control.

Now I had two option to repair this oven. I could install a new control (Retail Price $269.39) or I could send the original control to FixYourBoard.com to be repaired.

A couple years ago I ended up replacing this same oven control at full retail price and this time I was able to give my customer the option of getting the old oven control repaired at about half the price of a new one.

The customer did decide to go ahead and repair there old oven control so I went ahead and shipped it to Bruce at FixYourBoard.com to get it repaired.

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