37926 Washer Timer

After checking out a few things on this washer with my multimeter I determined that the timer was at fault.

When I first looked up the model number, LWA50AW I seen it called for timer part # 37926 and retailed for $175.00!

Being it was a older washer I was sure that the customer would not be interested in putting that much money into repairing it.

After doing a bit more research online I found this topic in our forum.

Amana LWA50AW runs past its cycle

Seeing that the timer I originally looked up could be replace with timer part # 37926P and it was only about $50.00!

What a difference in price. The customer was more then happy to invest that kind of money into repairing their old washing machine.

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215846602 Defrost Timer

If you find that your refrigerator is cooling poorly it maybe because the defrost timer has failed and needs to be replaced.

As I found was the case today with a Frigidaire FRT18IL6DS refrigerator I was called out to repair.

When I looked inside the freezer and noticed all the frost build up I was sure the refrigerator had a probably with it’s defrost system.

I tested the defrost thermostat and defrost heater for continuity with my multimeter. Both the defrost thermostat and the defrost heater tested ok so I went ahead and replace the deforest timer, part # 215846602

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31-9161 GWS0907 GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Service Guide

Basic Repair Manual Series

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric Range
  • Gas Range
  • Microwave
  • Download 31-9161 GWS0907 GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Service Guide

    31-9087 GE ZBD Monogram Dishwasher Technical Service Guide

    ZBD6400 ZBD6500 ZBD6600 ZBD6700 ZBD6900 ZBD7000 ZBD7100

    Download 31-9087 GE ZBD Monogram Dishwasher Technical Service Guide

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    ZBD9900RII GE Monogram Dishwasher Service Manual

    This 110 page training/service manual on the ZBD9900RII GE Monogram Dishwasher includes information on the following topics.

    New Features of the Monogram Dishwasher
    High and Low position of upper basket
    Upper Rack – Removal
    Upper Shower Arm – Removal
    Upper Basket and Shower Overview
    New Component Removal Tool
    Inside Tub Components – Overview
    Inside Tub Components – Lower Shower Arm
    Inside Tub Components – Filters
    Inside Tub Components – Sump
    Inside Tub Components – Sump Well
    Inside Tub Components – Air Gap lockring
    Inside Tub Components – Light
    Inside Tub Components – Upper spray arm guide
    Inside Tub Components – Overflow Cap
    Water Level
    Water Level – How Does it Work?
    Water Level – What if ?
    Water Level – Pressure Sensor
    Pressure Sensor – Removal
    Water Valve – Removal
    Water Valve – Removal from Upright position
    Water Valve – Removal from Laying down position
    Air Gap – Flow meter
    Water Circulation – Overview
    Component View – Underneath (Front View)
    Turbidity Sensor – Removal
    Thermistor – Removal
    Heater – Removal
    Circulation Pump
    Circulation Pump – Removal
    Drain Pump – Check Valve
    Drain Pump – Removal
    EMI Filter
    Overflow cut-out – Removal
    Light Switch- Removal
    Outer Door Panel – Removal
    Mini Manual Location
    Front Door Panel Removed
    Main Control – Testing
    Escutcheon – Removal
    Main Control – Removal
    Escutcheon Top Trim- Removal
    Main On/Off Switch
    Door Interlock Switch – Testing
    Latch Assembly – Removal
    Latch Assembly – Catch
    Door Vent Fan – Removal
    Door Vent Fan – Removal
    Detergent / Rinse Aid – Removal
    Door Springs
    Inner Door
    Inner Door – Wire Harness Support
    Gaskets – Door – Tub
    Door Hinge
    Back Cover – Removal
    Lower Frame – Complete Removal
    Main Control – Programs
    Main Control – Programs Cycle Chart
    Main Control – Programs – Cam Chart
    Main Control – “Speed Wash” cycle
    Main Control – Options
    Main Control – Model Select Setting
    Main Control – Service Mode – Entering
    Main Control – Service Mode – Faults
    Main Control – Service Mode – Component Testing
    Main Control – Service Mode – Adjust Water Intake

    Download ZBD9900RII GE Monogram Dishwasher Service Training Manual

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    GE Dishwasher Nomenclature

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    Model Number

    P = Profile
    E = General Electric – NATM G = General Electric
    A = Americana

    Product Type
    CD = Counter
    Top SD = Standard
    SM = Spacemaker
    RF = Retrofit
    DW = Dishwasher
    SC = Convertible
    SS = Compact (18 in.)
    HD = Home Depot Derivative

    Model Designator
    Designates features – the higher the number, the more features.

    Model Year Designator

    Engineering Model Suffix

    Exterior Color
    BB = Black
    II = Requires Custom Panel
    and Handle SS = Stainless Steel WW = White

    ge dishwasher model

    Serial Number
    The first two characters of the serial number identify the month and year of manufacture.

    The serial plate of your dishwasher is located on the tub wall just inside the door jam.
    The mini manual is located behind the toe plate.

    ge dishwasher serial

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    If the water can not drain from your washing machine fast enough or at all it can cause a lot of different problems. This is a list of the most common problems we see with LG washers that drain pump, part # 4681EA2001T has failed on and needed to be replaced.

  • LG TROMM WM2277, OE error, intermittent drain pump running
  • LG washer erratic draining problem and resolution
  • LG WM2487HWMA drain pump
  • Disassembly of LG WM0642HW/01 washer
  • LG WD-3274RHD Washer/Dryer combo unit – drain pump not pumping
  • LG Tromm having a OE code problem
  • Read More: http://appliancejunk.com/forums/index.php?action=search2;search=4681EA2001T

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